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My name is Jenna Maaskant and I am a front end developer based in Toronto. I can speak English, French, Spanish, html5, css3, scss, javascript, jquery and react.js. What I love most about programming is how perfectly it lets me use the left and right side of my brain to build beautiful, useful and accesible applications. I am dedicated to writing clean, clear, and concise code and using my diverse interests to build compelling projects. When I'm not coding you can find me kiteboarding on the great lakes or toiling away in my woodshop.

Here are

My Works.

  • html5 | css3 | javascript | react | firebase

    | Live

    A online community where great lake kitesurfers can report on current conditions at popular kiting spots.

  • html5 | css3 | javaScript | jquery | apis

    | Live

    Love note generator that uses the numbers API to show off your intelligence along with your adoration.

  • html | css3 | sass | javascript | jquery

    | Live

    Web site designed and built for my wood working business, Saw Horse Studio.

  • html5 | css3 | sass | javascript | jquery

    | Live

    A web application that applies user preferences to create a virtual beach scene.

  • html5 | css3 | sass | javascript | jquery | apis

    | Live

    A countdown timer for the end of your life as calculated by the World Populations API. Built with Allie Deegan.

  • end of unit
  • html5 | css3 | javascript | react | apis | firebase

    | Live

    An interactive application to generate a movie suggestion from community created lists. Built with Dan O'Connor, Dennis McLeod and Jamie Jewell.

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